We optimize space for maximum performance and work efficiency.


At Espacio Aine, we stand out for designing tailor-made space projects, using an exclusive methodology to develop integral solutions that seek to achieve the most outstanding results.


Integral service of interior design projects

1.- Needs and requirements

Initial meeting with the client to understand their needs, tastes and functional requirements. We evaluate the available space, considering possible architectural restrictions.

2.- Research & Evaluation

We perform a detailed analysis of the spatial behavior, followed by the creation of ideas and conceptual icons for a coherent and functional design.

3.- Concept Development
and Budget

We design a global project highlighting offices with innovative interior design, achieving a perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and comfort.

4.- Preliminary Design
& Detailed Development

We transform initial concepts into sketches and detailed visual representations. We facilitate discussions and revisions to refine the design. We then select materials and furnishings that fit the project.

5.- Technical Documentation
& Budget Adjustment

We prepare detailed plans and technical specifications to guide the execution of the design. We adjust the budget according to final selections, guaranteeing transparency and economic viability of the project.

6.- Implementation & Delivery

We oversee the execution of the design, coordinate deliveries and add essential finishing touches, ensuring that the space is ready for your enjoyment, culminating in a successful project.

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Space planning

Planning of work spaces with the aim of achieving practical and functional offices. We study the different company’s departments’ behaviors and develop coherent projects in order to maximize efficiency.

  • Analysis of specific needs
  • Study of the behavior of the departments
  • Project development maximizing efficiency

Interior design

Study and development of global office interior design projects. We seek a balance between functionality, aesthetics and comfort.

  • Global projects
  • Design offices
  • Functionality and comfort

Construction management

Supervision and coordination in the execution of the project. We guarantee that quality, budget and deadline objectives are met.

  • Supervision of the work
  • Coordination of the different actors
  • Delivery on schedule

Complementary Services

We offer all the complementary services to the projects we carry out.

  • Bidding and licensing Contracting
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Office dismantling
  • Relocations and removals
  • Installations
  • Renders and 3D visualizations